Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Madness...

Hi everyone... It is really not Monday Madness, but it is Monday & I figured since im going to TRY to "FOCUS".... on what I do best & Dream, Design & Create.... I would start my week off by showing you a few tips. As I show you pictures and ideas remember the whole point is to be Inspired. Get what you will from the pictures. Be it for yourself, your children or for getting ideas for WHATEVER your create... Use the images to be inspired. When YOU see a picture of a OVER the Top nursery or Display case full of soaps... It might not have anything to do with YOU, but make your mind Think. Get creative. Not for the picture or with the picture but from the picture. Color, texture, lighting, height, art, basket on the floor, look at EVERTHING in the Photo.. the WHOLE picture.
I just came across these photo's. and have some ideas. Actually for me, & one for of my daughters. Just a few ideas & thought I would share the photos.

* From "BHG" ..... 3 old hollow doors painted black.hung up for a headboard. Bold, Vogue, stricking & fun. ideas are endless. I did something similar for a client along time ago using "3painted shutters" in the shabby chic days. but LOOK at the chandelier, columns, artwork, fabric treatment & pillows... just look at it all. What do you see?

BHG. no Headboard, or need new look? cheap bookcase painted or use something diff. Columns always make me smile... bit of all works. How about a display for your work, studio. home office? any ideas??

I believe I found these curtains from Ditton Hill in the UK awhile back. sorry if I am wrong???
red chrysanthemum. I am liking these. For alot of reasons. Would you ever think of these for your childs room? how about it. small room, not alot of " things", keep it simple. make a statement.Its all about the Color. paint walls simple. Great focus on the window treatments. and some fun artwork.lamp. sheets & simple bedding from target, marth stewart (shhhh Kmart) where ever. simple & inexpensive(not cheap) so spend a little bit more on the Curtains. it draws attention to the room. little ones bunny or f"avorite" animal may take away from the bedding so show off the window treatments. So next time you see great fabric & possibly dicounted designer "grownup" fabric or treatments... think about it.
I just got an idea from this. How about a closet & doing this? Fun little cocoon like. cozy. no need for closet if you spave for dressers & other BIG fun creative pieces to store your things. could be fun! canopy... ohhh the ideas...
RED. simple. clean. fun. unique artwork? create a new lighting fixture... go trash hunting for found object for your wall. paint a square burlap cloth and mark it with an X in distressed black, hang with chunky bolts.need a little whimsy to the grundge ~ add black ribbon puddleing down the chunky bolts. dressers? think of something diff. just THINK! ; )

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Little Black Dress

A modern twist
My favorite dress when I was in high School and its still my
favorite style to wear now as a mommy of 5 girls. Some things never change.

The Man in his office.....
PURE elegance, sophistication, class & sexyness ....
I believe a man gets sexier as he ages. Sure
money & power make it even more appealing, but Money isn't everything!
I Love a man in a suit though.

au revoir.....

Roberto Cavalli

Im in Love. I LOVE this shoe. It so reminds me of Chanel. Coco style with a modern twist. Im so that little black dress girl. I always have been. I LOVE fashion. I love it all. Yet I tend to always be "safe" in my little black dress. Not the same one, but many many diff. versions. I TRY to look for other colors yet I always am drawn to that little black dress. I do wear other colors and I LOVE pink. summer time though. but if I found the right one for winter... well if it was perfect like my lucky little black dresses, than perhaps I would get it. I am a solid girl. I wear my "patters in my accessories. not sure why but I have always been like that. I have dresses in "patters" and some are really cute, yet I feel better in my solid color outfits. kinda weird isn't it? Im in no way boring. I like simple. believe me... I do not blend in with wallflowers, and a simple big "ROCK" can do the trick. even if it is "faux"... just the right bling, or lack of can make all the difference. Just like these shoes...To me... this is the right accessorie. The perfect piece to make the outfit. A great bag. Your all set. Im sure there is something like thisout there somewhere, but no Roberto Cavalli's!
My birthday is comming up in Dec. I think this would be a great gift.... but guess what, I have 5 girls & I just do not spend money on shoes like I did when I was younger. I can still be in love with them right?
Bonne Nuit ~
Joelle XO

Polka Dots & Bunnies

I like the way this piece turned out. It must be pretty Cool if my oldest likes it. She is very picky and has her own style. Right now she is not realy into my "Bebe" style. That is to be expected at that age. They want to distance themselves from anything "too cute" and "too sweet"... yes she likes what I do, but wants a bit of Fashion & Vogue style to her "space". and she even took this piece up in her room. To play with it. See if it could work. Yep.. She liked it! Now I have a few more pieces like this to "create" with. I think a few more Bunnies and then not sure what else I am going to do. Does anyone have any ideas? Colors, style: Shabby chic, fanciful, whimsical, soft cottage charm? what comes to your mind when you look at this piece in a diff. way?
This is a look that many teens like, The Victoria Seceret style. Im glad I encourage my girls to be diff. You can still have the same look but add your own style & pieces to it.I could see my little bunnies working well in that room, couldn't you? Hanging all their bracelets, pearls, necklaces etc...
Folkloric duvet by Ditton Hill Kids on the photo. above.
Just more Pink fun rooms for little ones I thought I would share. Get Creative. Dream.
Bestsey Johnson...... I Love Betsey Johnson and her ability to be a successul business women yet embrace being a girly girl! Fun, Fresh, Girly, Romantic & Pink! I Love It!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Annie Leibowitz.....INSPIRATION

I need to take a moment to dream and think a bit.
Both of the pictures above are from Annie Leibowitz ~ If you do not know about her, please go read a bit & from there are links on her fabulous photo's....Fashion Inspires me.
I was enrolled at ART INSTITUTE OF PITT. and was transfering everything to go to the one in LA. & live with my aunt in Santa Barbra & commute... Annie was at San Fran ART Inst. I like that : ) my path changed, and thats ok.
FASHION, was my First Love. Its never too late right? HA.
Ohhh the designs I want to do. So hard with new baby, but Im just not one to have her be with anyone else. sooo what do I do? New baby... she will be 2 in Dec. but you know. My baby. ohhhhhhh she deserves the Best. I know I have it in me to design something so much more magical and perfect.
What it is... Im off to dream & be inspired. Thank You Annie Leibowitz! You inspire me & so many more!
Bonne Nuit~
Joelle XO
* Click on the pictures to bigger view! Yummy!

Pretty Mess!

Or would I say Hot mess? That seems to be something I hear alot. I may be too busy for tv... But I have ears ; ) and 5 girls and you know what that means... YOU hear EVERYTHING! Ohhhh Im so happy my girls are so sweet & beautiful, im glad they tell me things but goshhhhh IM so nervous to let them out! I know my girls aren't perfect. Their our children. They have OUR competitiveness in them. and then some..... ; )
So I do see & DEAL with it all.
Sooo back on tract here. ..... see what lack of sleep does to you. Im not old yet but I forget what I was saying alot lately!
HOTT MESS! ~ Yep thats me ; ) no just kidding... My little mess. Things im working on. the pictures above are a few things im working on. I HATE a mess and I hate BAD pictures. but me dealing with this jerk hacker & camera issues... im lucky I got some to share with LOLLISHOPS.
sooo im busy busy busy creating away. and thought I would share the few photos I could retrieve. ohhhhhhhh I hate when things are messed up. anyways......back to my little Keepsake box for my client and much needed designs for LOLLISHOPS!!!!!! YEA! PLEASE come visit me there when LOLLISHOPS opens! I'd be so happy to know you found me there! cause there are tons of creative souls in that HOTT MESS! : ) haha had to ; )

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fanciful Treasures

Fanciful or whimsical? What would you consider these as being? Or neither? Im having a hard time figuring out what I should be doing right now. Im getting ready to Launch my little pretty shop In LOLLISHOPS! Maybe I need to do more fun things with more yummy colors and not so pretty looking, maybe funky them up with more patterns & extra details??? I wish I didn't have such an imagintation at times. I want to do it all! ; )

Monday, October 13, 2008

PINK Princess Giveaway.....

In Honor of BREAST Cancer Awareness the sweetest "Cookie Sunshine" will be giving away a hand signed 8 x 10 matted and framed copy of her original illustration and rhyme "Princess Pink". ~ Please visit her blog at:

* says "For information about breast cancer, please visit, or call us toll free at 1-800-ACS-2345, anytime, day or night."

She was also so gracious to add the "HOW TO" incase your lost like me with all the computer lingo:
NOTE: How to add the Princess Pink button to your sidebar if you are using blogger: All you have to do is right click the princess pink button located in my sidebar, then save the picture to your computer. Choose "layout", then choose "add a gadget", click on "picture", type into the link space, click on "save".
If you are using a blog other than blogger I do not know the steps but the link you need is listed above. I hope this helps!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Yummy Goodie Giveaway ~

These girls are giving away another great gift! Gosh they are always GIVING! wow! Take a peak & try it out:

October Giveaway: Photoshop Elements!
I never participated in giveaways. Not sure why. I guess I hate feeling ~ Im stopping by someone to get something free if I can. Now How stupid is that? Everyone wants something free. Right? Well I am new to blog land so I guess just trying to be polite & sincere first before I jump in these crazy giveaways. Almost like "get to know me first & know im not a leech" maybe too many tried to Get thigns from me before... not sure. but I sure do LOVE giving things away. So I'll be happy to do one too. Any ideas what I should give away?
seriously! Dream away!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Girl in Swirlyville

Just look at the amazing designs going to be at LOLLISHOPS! I Love it all!

Peppermint Hugs

Peppermint Hugs
Originally uploaded by thepolkadotpixie
My favorite snowman! I Just LOVE all her creations! She/they make you smile! LOLLISHOPS is comming soon!!! : ) XOXOX

merry wishes

merry wishes
Originally uploaded by faeriewindow
Just look at the Magic that will be in LOLLISHOPS!


Originally uploaded by faeriewindow
Everything Lori does is absolutely magical!


Originally uploaded by talula bourdon
Talula Bourdon! Remember that name! She is one of my FAVORITE jewlery designers!
Everything she creates is Fabulous!
She is just as gorgeous and she is going to be in LOLLISHOPS TOO! We're all so lucky!
Yea! go visit her & check out LOLLISHOPS! ; )

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lollishops Goodies.....

Silver Bella Peeks..., originally uploaded by SadieLouWho.

Sadie Lou's Jill-in-the-box... Too Sweet!
A Delicious little piece going to Silver Bella!

Monday, October 6, 2008


The woman behind the LOLLISHOPS! Sweet Sadie Lou. A Precious girly girl making Dreams come true. Take a peak into her busy life & read her blog & enjoy all her yummy eye candy!

Huge News!!!! Yea!!!! Im going to be a Vendor at LOLLISHOPS!!!!
Vendor??? hmmmmmmmm WE girls at LOLLISHOP need a new name. We deserve a name better than the TYPICAL name Vendor. Because WE ALL are Special!

Incredible. Talented, sweet, caring, thoughtful, creative souls! Everyone is so magically creative & filled with surprises & yummy details. Vendor just seems so basic & typical. We all at LOLLISHOPS are not typical. Thats why Sadie Lou created Lollishops. To put all the super sweet delicious talent all together in one big place. LOOK NO FURTHER. ALL at your fingertips. Tons of eye candy! delightful goodies to give to your loved ones. Fabulous Yummy treats to treat yourself. Deliously sweet girly goodies for your little princess. Must have's for the little boys in your life. Incredible talent right here in cyber space. One Stop shop filled with hours of glorious inspiration & ideas for your gift giving. On top of all that.... A fantastic feeling to know your supporting moms, wives, college girls, young ladies all trying to make a difference in their lives & others. Creative souls bonding together to support and inspire eachother to do what they do best & pay their bills. Tons of bills. We are all REAL people. Not cheap labor overseas factories, but people with faces, lives, children, bills. (overseas..... you know what I mean. horrible factories taking advantage of less fortunate countries.)

So I guess what I am trying to say is.... SUPPORT LOLLISHOPS!

YOU will make a DIFFERENCE!!!! Seriously.

Spread the word. Share the links. Make a differnece in our lives.

I am a mommy of 5 girls and I know I need all the help I can get & Im getting a start by just being able to sell at LOLLISHOPS!!!!!

Thank you for your support and enjoy the good things in life. The things that make your heart smile!
Sweet Dreams ~
Joelle XOXO

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Are You a Rock Star...

I know I Love All that Glitters. I Love Bling like the next Rock Star. If its sparkely, Its got my attention. I know alot of my designer/artist friends are loving the Rhinestones and girly bling right now and I just came across a link with BESTEY JOHNSON bling. . I LOVE that creative soul! I bought some of her dresses before. ok, just 2 but I bought them because I HAD to have something of hers. I Like her attitude & girly spirit. She LOVES pink. She has to be cool. right? So I checked in and found this Wonderful piece. She has a bunch more but I liked this one & the little box it is in. SWEET!
I figured maybe I'd help you out if your like me & forget about your Holiday LIST because Your too busy buying for everyone else. So Little Reminder....
Actually I LOVE them All. This picture just looked Sweet! However.... You can get some Bling and some Funky finds for less from The Junk Gypsy Co.
Love the Pink Tule skirts & cowboy boots!!! Pair them with the necklace & Betsey Johnsons Bling and WOOOOOOOO Girlfriend! Your Looking Fabulous!
* A little credit goes out ~ Beautiful! Fabulous! this morning. One of the Groups I belong to. Their sister site had a link to that Buckle site w/ Betsey Johnson designs and off I went shopping...
So If you want to find some great MUST HAVE 's & FASHION Tips etc... You'll deff. find Must Have's from Boutique Flair!
Have Fun!
Joelle XOXO