Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fanciful Treasures

Fanciful or whimsical? What would you consider these as being? Or neither? Im having a hard time figuring out what I should be doing right now. Im getting ready to Launch my little pretty shop In LOLLISHOPS! Maybe I need to do more fun things with more yummy colors and not so pretty looking, maybe funky them up with more patterns & extra details??? I wish I didn't have such an imagintation at times. I want to do it all! ; )


Shell said...

I say they are both Fancy pretty. Not sure if that is a real adjective. I choose the direction that calls you the most. You know which one that is deep down.

Joelle said...

Shell.... Your a doll!
I Love pink & fancy, but I would love to do soem more FUN things too,(thats my creative mind talking) but I wonder if focusing on one specific style is best??? rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I do not know!
now that my girls are all getting older (teens, pre teen) and have a new baby so I can still be in that mode too. but I see them liking certain styles more(VOGUE style) & I wonder if I should just go with the flow & do what THEY like TOO?????