Monday, October 6, 2008


The woman behind the LOLLISHOPS! Sweet Sadie Lou. A Precious girly girl making Dreams come true. Take a peak into her busy life & read her blog & enjoy all her yummy eye candy!

Huge News!!!! Yea!!!! Im going to be a Vendor at LOLLISHOPS!!!!
Vendor??? hmmmmmmmm WE girls at LOLLISHOP need a new name. We deserve a name better than the TYPICAL name Vendor. Because WE ALL are Special!

Incredible. Talented, sweet, caring, thoughtful, creative souls! Everyone is so magically creative & filled with surprises & yummy details. Vendor just seems so basic & typical. We all at LOLLISHOPS are not typical. Thats why Sadie Lou created Lollishops. To put all the super sweet delicious talent all together in one big place. LOOK NO FURTHER. ALL at your fingertips. Tons of eye candy! delightful goodies to give to your loved ones. Fabulous Yummy treats to treat yourself. Deliously sweet girly goodies for your little princess. Must have's for the little boys in your life. Incredible talent right here in cyber space. One Stop shop filled with hours of glorious inspiration & ideas for your gift giving. On top of all that.... A fantastic feeling to know your supporting moms, wives, college girls, young ladies all trying to make a difference in their lives & others. Creative souls bonding together to support and inspire eachother to do what they do best & pay their bills. Tons of bills. We are all REAL people. Not cheap labor overseas factories, but people with faces, lives, children, bills. (overseas..... you know what I mean. horrible factories taking advantage of less fortunate countries.)

So I guess what I am trying to say is.... SUPPORT LOLLISHOPS!

YOU will make a DIFFERENCE!!!! Seriously.

Spread the word. Share the links. Make a differnece in our lives.

I am a mommy of 5 girls and I know I need all the help I can get & Im getting a start by just being able to sell at LOLLISHOPS!!!!!

Thank you for your support and enjoy the good things in life. The things that make your heart smile!
Sweet Dreams ~
Joelle XOXO


Sadie said...

Thanks so much for the awesome plug! I'm so excited!! It's like waiting for Christmas but ramped up! It's going to be even better!!
~Sadie Lou

Shell said...

Congrats on being a vendor at lollishops. I have been following the blog. I can't wait for it to open and see all the beautiful creative offerings that everyone will be selling.