Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Annie Leibowitz.....INSPIRATION

I need to take a moment to dream and think a bit.
Both of the pictures above are from Annie Leibowitz ~ If you do not know about her, please go read a bit & from there are links on her fabulous photo's....Fashion Inspires me.
I was enrolled at ART INSTITUTE OF PITT. and was transfering everything to go to the one in LA. & live with my aunt in Santa Barbra & commute... Annie was at San Fran ART Inst. I like that : ) my path changed, and thats ok.
FASHION, was my First Love. Its never too late right? HA.
Ohhh the designs I want to do. So hard with new baby, but Im just not one to have her be with anyone else. sooo what do I do? New baby... she will be 2 in Dec. but you know. My baby. ohhhhhhh she deserves the Best. I know I have it in me to design something so much more magical and perfect.
What it is... Im off to dream & be inspired. Thank You Annie Leibowitz! You inspire me & so many more!
Bonne Nuit~
Joelle XO
* Click on the pictures to bigger view! Yummy!


Shell said...

The pictures are lovely. I'm drawn to the girl in the blue dress. Thanks for the inspiration. Your going to have a beautiful December baby. You need to take some time to dream for yourself and you new baby on the way.

Joelle said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Shell....... No she is going to be 2. she our New baby. meaning.... I have 4 other girls all 2 years apart and then this little baby came about 10 years later.
*** little fact to those that say "hey your moms really young isn't she?" ok... where did that come from? out of the blue people, PLEASE!
"I was married first and they all have the same father.
Goshhhhhhhhh just cause someone has good genes & looks young, some think im some YOUNG girl with lots of babies. HEY people I just turned 40 OK! there I said it. My husband is 12 years older, HE's OLD! im not.: ) haha and IM glad I look young! those saying anything are just bitter.sorry but this has been one heck of a year! and I needed to get that out, my daughter was actually glad I turned 40 so she could tell everyone.
HE,I think got nervous???

Anyways...I feel like I just had her but serioulsy... she will be 2 in Dec. ohhh my, you know. they sucked the life out of me & with no sleep and my head spinning... God olny knows what I say on here. woooooooops!
my Bday is in Dec. too, so it is a special month : )
hope everything is going great for you! You deserve it NOW!!! ; )