Thursday, October 2, 2008

Are You a Rock Star...

I know I Love All that Glitters. I Love Bling like the next Rock Star. If its sparkely, Its got my attention. I know alot of my designer/artist friends are loving the Rhinestones and girly bling right now and I just came across a link with BESTEY JOHNSON bling. . I LOVE that creative soul! I bought some of her dresses before. ok, just 2 but I bought them because I HAD to have something of hers. I Like her attitude & girly spirit. She LOVES pink. She has to be cool. right? So I checked in and found this Wonderful piece. She has a bunch more but I liked this one & the little box it is in. SWEET!
I figured maybe I'd help you out if your like me & forget about your Holiday LIST because Your too busy buying for everyone else. So Little Reminder....
Actually I LOVE them All. This picture just looked Sweet! However.... You can get some Bling and some Funky finds for less from The Junk Gypsy Co.
Love the Pink Tule skirts & cowboy boots!!! Pair them with the necklace & Betsey Johnsons Bling and WOOOOOOOO Girlfriend! Your Looking Fabulous!
* A little credit goes out ~ Beautiful! Fabulous! this morning. One of the Groups I belong to. Their sister site had a link to that Buckle site w/ Betsey Johnson designs and off I went shopping...
So If you want to find some great MUST HAVE 's & FASHION Tips etc... You'll deff. find Must Have's from Boutique Flair!
Have Fun!
Joelle XOXO

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