Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pretty Mess!

Or would I say Hot mess? That seems to be something I hear alot. I may be too busy for tv... But I have ears ; ) and 5 girls and you know what that means... YOU hear EVERYTHING! Ohhhh Im so happy my girls are so sweet & beautiful, im glad they tell me things but goshhhhh IM so nervous to let them out! I know my girls aren't perfect. Their our children. They have OUR competitiveness in them. and then some..... ; )
So I do see & DEAL with it all.
Sooo back on tract here. ..... see what lack of sleep does to you. Im not old yet but I forget what I was saying alot lately!
HOTT MESS! ~ Yep thats me ; ) no just kidding... My little mess. Things im working on. the pictures above are a few things im working on. I HATE a mess and I hate BAD pictures. but me dealing with this jerk hacker & camera issues... im lucky I got some to share with LOLLISHOPS.
sooo im busy busy busy creating away. and thought I would share the few photos I could retrieve. ohhhhhhhh I hate when things are messed up. anyways......back to my little Keepsake box for my client and much needed designs for LOLLISHOPS!!!!!! YEA! PLEASE come visit me there when LOLLISHOPS opens! I'd be so happy to know you found me there! cause there are tons of creative souls in that HOTT MESS! : ) haha had to ; )

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