Friday, September 26, 2008

Fanciful Designs with a Whimsical Twist

Don't HATE Me because Im Beautiful....

I have to share this. This is from a very wonderful, caring, creative soul. I love this girl & her style. She has made time for me to make me feel just as creative as her. Anyone as busy as her to take the time to be nice to little ol' me.... well.... you just have no idea.... it means everything to me. I haven't talked to her in so long and she too hasn't been to blog land in sometime. I happen to visit her blog & came across this post. It made me ball. Tears just poured out. I guess I just needed to get it out to someone else that isnt in this home. Im a mom to 5 girls. beautiful girls. super special, talented & smart. I am so lucky... but you know that saying ~
"don't hate me because im beautiful" ~
well.... it really means something ~ and HURT & PAIN ALL feel the same regardless how (excuse the words, but just for example,..the words we hear:( ) : Thin, fat, rich, poor, smart, dumb, black, white, short, tall, man, women... it hurts all the same.
So people.... next time you want to judge someone, don't judge until you know them to make a judgment. Don't hate others for what they HAVE & what YOU do not have. WE ALL have a story. We're all trying to make our way in this caotic world. So please think before judging.
AND mostly..... watch what you say infront of your children or others children. Do not make them into little mini haters.
Jealousy makes you ugly. makes anyone ugly.
This is what she wrote on her blog:
These three girls are why I dream bigger than I ever thought possible. Why I make myself to go out of the box, further and further every day. They are why I push myself past my limits, why i am so darn hard on my self...and why i never give up, on anything. They are why i don't take no for an answer...They are what drives me to make lemonade when life gives me lemons...
I want them to see what daring to dream really means...
I want them to see dreams take work to fullfill....nothing comes easy.
I want them to see that they can do anything....anything!
I want them to see they can blaze their own trails....and i will be there to cheer them on indeffinately.
I love you girls....more than you will ever know."
Thank You Marah, Your my Inspiration.
Best Wishes sweetie,
Joelle XOXO
* Title was not serious. Just to grab your attention.
There was a time in my life I didn't turn the light on in the bathroom, because I hated me. The way "I" thought I looked.The same girl whom modeled in a bikini on stage in front of hundreds.So I have good days & bad days. Just like everyone else. Hurt feels the same whatever size. & every "skinny girl" isn't a bitch or shallow. and believe it or not...."skinny pretty people" sometimes are more sad & lonely than what people think. Don't Assume!
So I finally deserve to think im beautiful once in awhile. Im working on it.
*Check her blog out! TONS of inspiration and lots of links to great things!!! & fellow artists...
Next time your in the art & craft stores (Hobby Lobby, Micheals etc.... Look for her NAME & Buy some things to get creative with , just to support a special mom who desesrves all the best!
& Just because it would mean alot to me.I bought a bunch of things of hers. I may use them (LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ALL) or I may just keep them to treasure them knowing there her designs. OK... I'll buy more to get creative & show her what I did. But you know.... we ALL have to support the ones we believe in.
IF you know of her already or created anything from her designs PLEASE share them here & let me know. K?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Castles and Dolce Bebe

The Swan Castle ~ Atlanta Georgia.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to create for royalty or those whom lived in wonderful Castles who had only the best over to view your wonderful creations and believed you were THE BEST!
I dream. I once lived in a castle.
Did you ever think "who is your target market?" I know we all want EVERYONE to buy from us but seriously who do you think is your best market? What steps do you take to reach them. I need to think about this one. Long and hard and re-evaluate. I need to think about the materials I use and if I can find them less exspensive elsewhere and realy see how I can bring forth a better product and cut cost and make a profit. It is so hard to do when you create one of a kind and buy things you find & love and want to make a creation out of them. That is not wholesale : that is impulse, gota have it, ohhhh this will be awesome. It is expensive for me but I LOVE the "find" ~ and the ideas. but is it realy practical in the long run or should I just not think about it and just create? hmmmmmmmm just another thing to think about and wonder if there is anyone else like me. ok.... less talking and more pictures, I promise. ; )
Beautiful Castle & Gardens. Wonderful place to Visit. Relax & dream & enjoy it.

Alice in Wonderland

I Think Im falling down the hole to adventure. FAST. Im painting, posting, catching up a bit in blog land but I NEED soemone here to get me a camera & hook me up! Like if I say it on here they will magically appear and help me out. Gosh those girls are so busy. Im hiding their cell phones when they sleep. Anyways.... I guess im posting so much right at once becuase i have so many yummy pictures I need to get out even thought some of them are so old or I have post them soewhere else. I just like them and they inspire me and its fun to share, right? : )
Remember when you see pictures and tips that there are so many that haven't seen it yet. So its always good to share when you think of something. Some people are good at sharing, talking, computers etc...and some are just too busy or not intrested in creating a blog as of Yet to share their talent/knowledge etc... So some of us can do it for them. Yes, I may repeat myself, use bad grammer or misspell, but remember im a mommy with 5 girls - 17, 15, 13, 11 & 1 year old. I do not sleep much and im always rushing around so Please forgive me. Im a perfectionist really bad and it so bothers me that someone would judge me on here. this is Blog land. im letting it go and thats a good thing for me. A step. Otherwise I would delete it until I could get it right and that is not the point here. just use what you can from my little blog and get creating, inspired, motivated and MAKE IT HAPPEN!!$$ ; ) Your success challenges me and brings out the best in me. Thank You XO

This is how I feel right now... Alot on my plate. but still doing it all with style and huge imagination. Isn't creating such wonderful therapy?! : )
Yes I am seeing double just like her. Im dizzy, same pictures over & over again. and Yes I have created more since these.. im just bad a getting pictures sometimes when im in a hurry to get something out. If you all knew the drama I have been dealing with since we moved here you would be shocked. Mybe you would then understand soooo until I post a bit more on that crazy drama that happened... bare with me and just think happy, positive thoughts for me. Send them my way.

Thank you & get creating and challenge yourself. Dig deeper! : ) all images courtesy from Vogues online source for yummy inspiration. some photo's of these shots are all over the web, but you can find this photo shoot and all the info. from this link.

Paris Bebe

Just incase You didn't know... these are some more pictures of the European inspired pieces I design. Just came across this file so the pictures already had words on them so please forgive the mess.

Oh.. my attempt at a collage painting with a bit of added this & that's ..waiting to be figured out and finished. Just another added piece to my long list of experiments. Funny how things can look so completely diff. after all the sugar and trims. ; )

These make great baby shower gifts and I need to make more of my canvas paintings. They are so unique and so dreamy. I LOVE all my little bouquets on everything. I Love to tuck in my painted little birdies with their magical crowns or party hats. Of course sparkely glitter, crystals and vintage jewelry, rhinestones or some fun bling. Girls are all about the Glamour & Glitz right?

Sweet & Fanciful

Charming Little keepsake boxes. Fanciful pieces to adorn your little ones wonderland as they drift off to sleep. Surround your loved ones with pretty little things. Let their imagination run wild with sugary sweet dreams and happy thoughts. One of the best ways to do that is by finding wonderful treasures such as these (sorry, had to) However just comming on these creative blogs your bound to find a treasure trove of delightful eyecandy. I know a bunch of sweeties that do what I do. On my other blog I listed many however I LOST all my links, gagets, buttons, labels, videos etc... but Im starting fresh & will get them back. Soon with a new layout & banner. ohhh I can't wait.
XO Joelle

Joelle Dolce Bebe Style

I know many of you have seen these pictures before. However alot of you haven't and I get asked alot to see some of my work. So I guess posting these AGAIN is best however sick some of you may be from seeing them again and your all waiting for new designs. WELL..... Lots of computer hacking going on in our home. I lost many files last year. My computer has been and still maybe hacked from a real jerk! No matter how many times you take your computer in & get firewalls.... A real hacker can do what he wants, mostly if he was someone who knew you & your family and has been in your home, even NOT AUTHORIZED!!!!! sooo changed passwords (his part) and deleted files with pictures, realy makes me upset, sad and tired of taking pictures,
BUT I so promised myself to move forward and start fresh and let others handle the drama.
so Im on a mission for taking new pictures, fresh new designs and hopefully a wonderful line off to some fabulous upscale baby boutiques and decorating shops. However, creating one of a kind is so much more fun, so if anyone ever has an idea or needs something special PLEASE let me know. I love a challenge!
Please bare with me with posting older pictures but check back for new designs and hopefully a new whole approach!

I Love my girls... they are so patient with me. She is holding this little keepsake box to show you the size. I made these several years ago and they are such a sweet gift to give yet add such wonderful charm to a special princess's room. Many of my designs are on little pedestals. I wanted to do something different than everyone elses. I hope you you like them. They also have little sayings, special sentiments & even famous quotes inside. A gift to treasure.

Ciao Bella ~

Joelle XO

Pretty painted pieces

These are some pieces I designed with a charming little girls room in mind.Soft, sweet, a bit of fanciful old world charm. The sweet little hooks would look absolutely adorable with fluffy tutu's displayed on them. Or baby bonnet & gown, hat, straw bag on one side and favorite sweater on other side. Nightie or outfit for the next day... the ideas are endless, ohhhh even bathroom with gorgeous towels or kitchen and posh new apron or purse & keys... just a wonderful way to display and hang your things upon. The big bin wasn't finished painted in this picture at the time I took it. but it a sweet way to contain all your little ones toys, books, stuffed animals or even rolled up baby blankets. I have them in my familyroom, living room, playroom etc.... I do not like clutter or yucky plastic bins all over so painting them to match your style but with some sweet whimsy touches is fun for both of you. or realy girly them up and bring fairy tales to your littles one imagination. The ideas are endless and I love to get creative.
Soon more designs to come.
We have at least 6 cameras here, one stolen and others hmmmm missing cord, loose wire and who knows where they are. MINE needs fixed and I need my daughter to help me with hers and find the cord. We just all get so busy lately, but I NEED to take some pictures today!!!!
I have so many things im working on and I would like to give you a little sneak peak.
I know I like to see what others are working on.
I have some new
little canvas paintings
whimsical boxes
and of course my keepsake boxes
so stay tuned.....
and ideas and advice are always sooo greatly appreciated.
Joelle XO
Ps.. you can click on pictures for larger view ; )

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Unexpected Find

Ohhhhh I Love this little display. I was looking for a unique lamp with a black shade. I Love this little vingette, black, pink flowers, gold touches.... I would just find a diff. chest for me.A little more European/antique looking , but still painted black. This is what My 11 year old wants believe it or not. Touches of black. I have this whole idea going on in my head and she was so excited but then I have been redoing her sisters room & she has Black accents and berry pink and white and gold and some other yummy goodies Im able to still get in. But I think I could make this work. Im soooo girly girl and still love the sugary shabby chic soft romantic look ~ whites and pinks, & mint but im so loving touches of black lately. Actually I just painted my kitchen table and chairs black ~ still french looking but w/ Italian flair. ~ Old World.
I also moved the WHITE Living room furniture, yea WHITE .... 5 girls and friends and teen boys.... WOW what am I thinking. but SLIPCOVERS are awesome & I know I neeed to calm down with the bleach but it works so well. but im having my White gold and french feel in their "playroom" HA.. and with girly girls and teens... I get my sophisticated look soon but with punches of Vougue & whimsy.
The Living room will be more traditional french ecclectic??? theme just what I like. but need some black shades for some classic style and a bit of a punch and This Lamp will WORK!
Need some Posh mommy romantic touches in there somehow. So off to find some inspiration and try something new. This Mommy of 5 has to not forget about me and make a room that refelcts me and not let them all forget it! ; ) haha
Ohhh and the mirror. I ALWAYS wanted an over sized mirror. Ballard Designs always had some. I need to check them out. but the mirror reminded me.
So what do you all think about the Black? soooo funny comming from me and my Pink girly girl things. but sometimes you have to play. Change is good. can always CHANGE back. ; )
Wait a second..... You know, I did start adding some Black to my designs. and now that I think about it.... I guess I always had a bit of black & white with touch of gold accent to many of my things. Just a bit here and there on a few pieces for some fun. Like you can't get any more fun with crystals and sparkels and pink frou frou??? haha but let me grap a pic. and see what I mean ~
Oh this last one is just waiting for all the trims. and that green wont be seen much, lots more layers for this thing. not sure what I was thinking so I put him on hold. like many things I have here.. I get bored easy and I think I have that "adult ADD" or whatever its called. I NEVER ever stop creating. Even when im way too busy doing other things. Designs just pop in my head and sometimes it gets annoying and visions come flying at me. even clothing to design. I do not sew. but you know.... I was going to go to school for that back then. First NYCFIT & Parsons school of design. I was enrolled at art Institute in Pitt. was going to transfer to La. Live with my aunt in Santa Barbra and commute to La art inst. well this momma's path changed. But its still all here in my little head. Don't we all want to do everything!!! ; )
Kisses & Best Wishes ~ Im a bad girl up this late. uh oh.
Ciao ~
Joelle XO

Pretty in Pink

British born Chris Nicholls, a father of three / fashion photographer is the mind behind these lovely dreamy photos.

His beautiful photo's are so dreamy and get me creating.... here is some pieces Isimply adore.

My mind is a bit much at times... I can find a way to create using "grown Up' pieces for even the littlest baby. There is always a way. Maybe after having 5 girls you understand "growing with the pieces" instead of growing out too soon. but I kinda think .... I just like what I like no matter what.

Enjoy ~

Rosie Ditton Hill .uk ~ Designer of this sweet rosey room above.

Ohhhhh I have to post a few more pics. I just found on that site. I went back to find their link and they have sooo much more new things in. OH MY! Im so loving it all. Love the displays. Yummy Eye candy.

Even though I design for baby, child & Posh mommies ; ) I get motivated & inpsired by expensive designs. Hope You all do too.

Fashion Inspires me

Fashion, musicians, art, interior design, wedding cakes & cupcakes, lingerie, vintage milnery & trims, fabrics, jewels, castles & estates..... ohhhh the wonderful world of Haute Couture in all its forms. Wow has that phrase change since its beginning. We all use it now. I hope the Paris seamstress's (?) do not mind that we borrow it. But don't you love the sound & the feel.

Posting a few more pics. to share from the wonderful world of Flickr via my files. I must learn to write the credits so please bare with me with the ones without any links or info. Im working on it.

LOVE Gwen. She always ever changing and so fun. Gemma is a doll.
top photo courtesy of Vogue Uk 'o5

Let the Fairy Tales Begin

Im on a new adventure and Im excited to stroll down the runway of delious fairytales and yummy Haute Couture designs, mouthwatering sugary kissed delights. Im ready to move forward, be inspired, inspire others and bring forth many more posh & pretty designs and meet many more creative souls on this Journey. I hope starting fresh, awaiting my BLOG makeover( banner and better layout not this new one) & that forever ago web site to be up and running... put Delicious new designs on LOLLISHOPS too etc... I hope I can get focused, find all my sites/groups etc... I belong to and move forward and meet you all on the path to success = Family, health, love & business.
Best Wishes to all ~ You deserve it.
Kisses ~
Joelle XO