Friday, July 3, 2009

Palm Beach ~

I just found this picture of my 4th princess., here on my Flickr.(i'm trying out this blof grom Flickr thingy to see how it looks)

I LOVE her. She is as sweet as she looks in this picture & more!!!
She is a busy little one... her baby sister misses her. She has been away all week.
I miss her too. She always makes me feel so special. I guess when you become Busy teens & drive... You forget about mom. This sweet one makes sure im not forgotten.
I miss you sweets!!! I hope your having fun. I know you girls are reading this. So be careful, Have fun & call me.
nighty night. Bonne Nuit ~
I Love you,
Mommy XOXOXOXO (your baby sis misses you too)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fairy Tales....

Isn't it so sweet to be a girl?.... Fairy Tales and Prince Charming, Pretty pink things and sparkles too. Little things to surround your precious ones with Sweet Wondermint. Dreaming of Magical places and land of Enchantment. Where everything is Beautiful and no harm comes there way. Isn't that what little girls should dream of....
Please stop by my LOLLISHOP Boutique to see the goodies I will be listing soon.
BABY SHOWERS, Christmas, Birthdays... Just Because.... Tell someone how much you love them by giving them a little treasure. It doesn't have to be your own princess, Give a gift to someone deserving. Don't we all deserve to be surrounded by pretty things... Simple little sweet things to make you smile.
Sweet Dreams ~
Joelle XO


Yves Saint Laurent and a Wedding Fashion Show. I Love his designs & wonderful mind!
Remember these girls.... Beautiful. Classic Beauty. Miss them too. I wish this was my wedding.
Not sure why I had these in a folder. Thought I would share these too. ~ Kisses XOXO

Christmas Party....

ohhh eenie meenie minie moe....What dress to choose? I think I like the top right with the slim line & bow. I didn't set out to find these pics. THEY found ME! Red is wonderful at Christmas. However Classy sexy black & maybe RED rubies & diamonds for the RED Festive color is what im thinking. Im not sure where these are from. Found in a folder im deleting. Thought I'd share before I threw out.
Im sad. Im not going to any BIG party this year & it stinks. It really does. I miss it.
Im changing things around here. Im going somewhere next year. I have some ideas too : )
Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday. Think of Me! XOXO

Monday, December 8, 2008

Super Easy Reindeer Cookies

These are way too cute & super easy! Just got the recipe from my Sweet Twitter friend JYL http://mommygossip.blogspot/.. she has more yummy treats! I like EASY recipes. With 5 girls & friends, I always have to make at least double everything... cooking, baking.. everything. I do not mind though. I grew up like that. My girls eat well. I guess its the Italian in me. You get Big portions here.
Here's the EASY recipe:
1) Make peanut butter cookie dough. if your a DeNardo.always triple it : )
2) small pretzels, M&Ms, plates, and plastic wrap.
3) Pre-heat oven to 375.
4) Roll head into a small circle shape and place on greased pan.
5) Roll nose into small oblong shape
7) Overlap circle and oblong molded cookie dough at bottom of circle.
8) Press pretzels & M&Ms into dough.
9) Bake 7-9 minutes.
10) Let cool on rack for 15 min.
11) Place on plate and wrap with plastic.
12) Pass out to friends, family, or neighbors to spread holiday cheer.
11) EAT & Enjoy!!!

ohhh... pefect for School parties! Looks festive & is Yummy & simple to do. Just remember to double the recipe so you have MORE to keep at home : ) Enjoy!

Going GREEN nursery

This sweet as can be nursery provides a healthy haven for an infant by using NON -VOC (violent organic compound) paint, which is horrible for a baby's lungs. This nursery was designed by interior designer Bernadette Upton of EcoDecor. Bernadette is an expert in GREEN design and eco-friendly interiors and is on the board of the American Lung Association of Southeast Florida. (just a little GREEN friendly tip I came across)
Beauty doesn't have to be sacrificed in an environmentally safe nursery.

Traditional Baby....

I love Pink. Its so pretty, sweet, & girly. Just a really soothing & soft color.
Too much Pink...or not the right pink, forget it.
I don't like" TOO MUCH "of anything.
I don't like overkill & I do not like a nursery to scream ...."BABY".
Well... let me clarify myself. Baby is great. A time to celebrate. Enjoy the time. however... some people tend to go overboard with typical dept. store baby items. POOH, Mickey Mouse & everything that they can put those trademark charactures on; down to the trash can. THEMED. BABY BABY. Don't settle. There are way too many places to shop now. Online & locally. Support handmade. NOT CHINA. ( or maybe I should say, NOT impoverished countries)
You'll find you could possibly spend less if you didn't do the THEME. Use Pooh for stuffed animal. Mickey & Minnie for toys or Print in a fun frame.If you must have those typical baby items; But find what you already have, or What relatives might pass down to you. Make your nursery or little ones room THEIR own. YOUR style.Not someone elses. Pick your favorite color. That you will enjoy. Show your little one from an early age your style. Find things unexpecting in those colors to decorate the room with. ~ Ok... im getting carried away with this post. Im "branching"... So I will return with more ideas on this subject soon. I just came back to correct a typo. & had to say a bit more. ooops.
I like style, class & sophistication. Believe it or not, with all the shabby things I did back then & the Posh pretty things now and I guess that "shabby chic" style is still out there... im still painting things I guess some would say "shabby chic" The SHABBY is just a bit more Poshed up a bit.... More French or along the classic lines of the softer SWEDISH influences.
Im very Tradional in my own style. Pick anything from VERANDA. You can find my style in there. When I create all my little treasures & talk about all the girly frou frou posh this & thats.... I love it all but not all together, too much. Things stand out more when you have a variety. Not all"princess" themed or not everyting "shabby chic" or just all things cottage. I think you can achieve a more lovely feeling & room of style with adding things you love but not sticking to just one theme. I HATE themes.... I Love what I like. I don't have a paticular style or THEME. Try adding different elements to your room. remove the "overkill" add something traditional, classic, something old, something new, something borrowed something blue. Gosh.... that kinda apply's to decorating. instead of "BLUE" use whatever color it is you love. add a contrasting color for panache, for flair, for fung shui add bit of red. You can make it work. Just try something diff,. Look at the room in a diff. view. How would it look if you added another piece from somewhere else in your home. something un expecting. Just try not too go overboard so it looses its charm & no one sees YOUR style. they just see OH cottage shabby... the same look everyone is doing. STAND APART from everyone else & make it YOUR room, Your STYLE. try it. You don't have to decorate how you think "that theme" is suppose to be. MAKE it YOUR OWN.
Dream with your eyes wide open !

Dreamy Headboards....

How is this for a cozy place to nestle? Imagine this lucky princess drifting off to slumerland & dreaming magical dreams.... Nice, huh? Barry Dixon a designer from Viginia designs some gorgeous rooms. I thought this little headboard & the way he transformed this little nook was was way too charming. Not everyone can be as Posh as this but you can use your imagination & look at things in a whole new way.

How dramatic is this? I Love it. This style is way easy to recreate. Very Regal. Very classy. Get some plywood, some batting or foam some great stiped material & if you can't afford it... get white canvas & Paint your stripes.* Little tip ~ use some fabric medium w/ your regular paint. look for some great nail heads or get creative & use some nails or screws that are a bit more chunky & paint them to have the color, stain,metal effect you want. & outline the piece.You can use whatever you want for overhead lighting, sconces or artwork/accessorie for the middle piece. keep it simple, clean & Vogue by a few unique objects. you do not need a whole lot to get big impact. Now let your imagination run wild & dream up diff. headboards & color schemes.

I'd be happy to help ; ) I love a challenge. Just ask.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sweet Elegance...

All these rooms are simply gorgeous. Sweet. Soft, classy and very expensive. I know many whom read this or come across the images think "who can afford that!" Well some can and some can't and some wouldn't spend the money on decorating even if they did. However.. I find inspiration in these photo's and I'm hoping you will too. You can very easily get these looks for so much less if you take the time to shop. It doesn't have to be exact but the concept is there. The colors, classic, not TOO much, no THEME just pretty things. Pieces from all over.The painted pieces from things around your home or junk stores etc... Having a monotone color scheme and simple touches of elegance can make all the difference. Can't afford window treatments.... get fabric from local stores, even Joanne fabrics, wall mrt type IF you can not afford it. Just getting enough length and ironing with fabric glue adhesive stuff... YOU can make your own. So you cut holes anyway you can. Using Hot glue,fabric paint, ribbons and whatever else trims... YOU can make a Magical retreat for you or your little ones. Hide your mistakes with sweet ribbons and pearls and yummy details you can find everywhere. ~ even your old ear rings that are missing the match. Get creative how you hang them. Use coffee hooks in ceiling. 2 on each side of a window to hang down from ribbons and look Fantastic. Get White denim/canvas wash it first, paint Pink dots all over & use Pink french ribbon. Not expensive but sure super pretty. Tar get & Martha have very inexpensive sheets, Buy everything in white! Great to keep clean & Bleach away! then add sweetness to it all with your favorite trims: ric rac, buttons, ribbons, scalloped trim, eyelet,gingham etc... Or dip die in very pale Pink YOU created & get sweetly creative! & buy tons of ribbon, roses/flowers in that color. Your color! Get extra fabric in coordinating color & if YOU do not sew, get someone or get out that Hot glue gun, iron on adhesive & play around. HIDE boo boo's with yummy details.
recover lampshades with your creative ideas & favorite trims.
Well girlie's... I'm off to paint a few goodies for Lollishops and I am using these Photos for inspiration! And what may that be..... Well, I have heard some say, ohhh those rooms are too perfect or not enough child friendly & fun for little ones... well that's when you get some fun artwork from ME! : ) Take bits & pieces of elements YOU like for your children and have the BEST of both worlds. Your children learn to appreciate the good things in life by learning from you at an early age. Stylish things do not mean they have to be TOO stuffy, TOO elegant or not fun for little ones... they can be, just find wonderful fun Magical artwork & unique decor pieces that NO ONE else has. Need help ask me. Have a sugar plum Vision but do not know where to start. I'm right here. Dream some incredible yummy ideas and let me know what your thinking and I would LOVE to create a magical piece for you & your loved ones. Dream away ~
I'm off to get creative. Maybe a Magical sweet picture frame with sprinkles of glass glitter & French Gilded leaves with Sugar plum berries touched with magic? Its Happy Holiday Times & we all need some Sparkly things surrounding us, right?
Bonne Nuit ~ Joelle XO

Friday, November 14, 2008

I WANT to WIN ! ! !

Heather and Tiffany from "The Secret is in the Sauce" Is having a contest to win a dress from "All Things Ribbon" and I figured I would give it a shot. I NEVER win anything and who knows... But I do know I like these dresses & fabulous bows and why not let you all know about it too. While your at it.... check out these girls and their wonderful Blog filled with fabulous finds, Tips, contests & other Girls bloggin away just like us!

So here's a bit about those two girls & their Fabulous web site "All things Ribbon" ~
Jen and Amanda from "All things Ribbon" is a mother daughter team who started out doing hair bows in 1994 and has now grown to include these fabulous dresses at incredible prices. Seriously! Incredible detail all under $50.You know it is hard to find great dresses at Holiday time for under $50. I love them all. Really pretty and they have matching headbands & bows. The Best accessories around & QUALITY!
Love them all. Go take a peak, seriously. Support Moms, not a cheap factory made reproduced mess! Their children will be most appreciative I'm sure! Well This dress here is Megan's pink dress. I Love Pink, my sisters name is Megan and I just love it but they do have some wonderful Holiday dresses and not just typical red but Lovely Frosty Blue with a gorgeous headband! Love it. Classy! I told you they were Gorgeous!

The Secret is in the Sauce: Saturday Spotlight: All Things Ribbon

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Did you ever just get so excited because something made your day brighter? Happier. Just plane old GOOD! Well today, this morning, 5 hours later from signing off last night ~ this bad mommy I am. I was reading my mail and of course the SITS team ~ Heather & Tiffany showcased "The Fun House" and WOW right from the beginning I was delighted. SUCH fun. Color. Giggles and crazy normalcy... you know... craziness~ good & bad, fun, hectic life of a normal mom with 5 kids and the menagerie of animals. haha I so can relate to everything. I just simply adore her CLOWNS!!! The colors, the fun cheeriness of it all!
i Love clowns, they creep me out in REAL life. I'm so sorry clown people. I LOVE your happiness you want to spread around & admire all you sweet Real honest meaningful clowns, but I get way too creep'd out by the scary creepy perverts behind the Innocent clown facade. These jerk ruin it for all the real clowns. The Happy clowns. I even like the creepy scary clowns(in bad movies ..Oh & yea.. I like bad movies.) but no Perverts. No baby eaters. You know the kind. Just BAD CLOWNS!

CLOWNS. funny. My mother is mortified of clowns. Terrified. My naughty girls and I were going to send some clowns we found online & email them to her....they were not nice clowns. but we decided it wasn't nice. but we were really thinking about it. but we didn't. we called & told her though. I do not know what happened to her with clowns or what the significance is.. but she hates clowns & I can understand why from some of the bad things we see on movies but Clowns in most part are HAPPY people spreading good cheer. People with a good heart & soul trying to make others happy. WHY do bad people like ruin things? Anyways... that didn't stop me from making a little Jack in the Box ~ ala JOE in the Box, My style ; )
I Love him mom. But I hate that he might creep you out. Ohhh and out of all the pretty pink things I do, I never got much praise about anything I have done until I did this piece. My grandfather thought it was an antique that I got. He LOVED it. ohh he went on about it and let me tell you... It ment the world to me. My grandparents have class & style and are total shoppers from all over. He made my day.! Big Time!

Now, this guy.... No. He is creepy. but funny thing is... I LOVE IT! I would LOVE to create something scary dark & creepy. but not for children. Just to get creative. If anyone wants to make me get creative... Go ahead! Make my day! $$$$$$$$

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NOW is not the time to Put your head in the Salad bowl...

Oh my. Did you ever stop to hear yourself say something so stupid?
Well, I know I must say stupid things quite often. I have 5 daughters. They are all 2 years apart. Except the last Princess, she is 10 years later. I do not get much sleep, I never stop working on Creating something for someone and since I have a large family & they keep me busy and I stay up way late than most humans.... & im just silly I guess. I say DUMB things!!
Well, I, Like right now. I am always rushing. I should be in the car going to get my girls. My 2 year old that I just cleaned up to get ready to go into the car (whom ALWAYS has to take her clothes OFF! ALWAYS!!!) just put her head in my salad bowl. I guess licking the last bit of whatever was in there. NICE!
I heard myself say "NOW is not the time to Put your head in the salad bowl!"
OK... than when is?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

To Say I Love You....

Such Treasures need not be extravagant, large or pricey. Gifts from the heart need to be made with love and given with sincere gesture.

Treasures in the Making...

The box is open yet needs to be filled. Not sure what is next but I know it is not finished. A dream, a thought, a bit of inspiration is needed. A little girl waits to recieve a special gift. One she can treasure & hold close to her heart. A memorie in the making.
Im working right now on a sweet little extra for the inside. I hope it works. Its a cute idea.

Je t' aime

Je t' aime
Originally uploaded by Joelle Dolce Bebe

French flower market in the Spring time. Oli paintings & ferris wheels in the parks, strolls around the waterfountains... Paris memories. Such visions to delight in wonderous imagination. A time to dream, reflect and bring forth sweet happiness to such a child whom is deserving of delightful treasures.

My mind is taking a trip and with it comes some whimsical creations Im dreaming up for some special little Princess. Maybe my own or perhaps someone you know.

hmmmmm? You can never tell whats next.

Bonne Nuit ~

Joelle XO