Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Madness...

Hi everyone... It is really not Monday Madness, but it is Monday & I figured since im going to TRY to "FOCUS".... on what I do best & Dream, Design & Create.... I would start my week off by showing you a few tips. As I show you pictures and ideas remember the whole point is to be Inspired. Get what you will from the pictures. Be it for yourself, your children or for getting ideas for WHATEVER your create... Use the images to be inspired. When YOU see a picture of a OVER the Top nursery or Display case full of soaps... It might not have anything to do with YOU, but make your mind Think. Get creative. Not for the picture or with the picture but from the picture. Color, texture, lighting, height, art, basket on the floor, look at EVERTHING in the Photo.. the WHOLE picture.
I just came across these photo's. and have some ideas. Actually for me, & one for of my daughters. Just a few ideas & thought I would share the photos.

* From "BHG" ..... 3 old hollow doors painted black.hung up for a headboard. Bold, Vogue, stricking & fun. ideas are endless. I did something similar for a client along time ago using "3painted shutters" in the shabby chic days. but LOOK at the chandelier, columns, artwork, fabric treatment & pillows... just look at it all. What do you see?

BHG. no Headboard, or need new look? cheap bookcase painted or use something diff. Columns always make me smile... bit of all works. How about a display for your work, studio. home office? any ideas??

I believe I found these curtains from Ditton Hill in the UK awhile back. sorry if I am wrong???
red chrysanthemum. I am liking these. For alot of reasons. Would you ever think of these for your childs room? how about it. small room, not alot of " things", keep it simple. make a statement.Its all about the Color. paint walls simple. Great focus on the window treatments. and some fun artwork.lamp. sheets & simple bedding from target, marth stewart (shhhh Kmart) where ever. simple & inexpensive(not cheap) so spend a little bit more on the Curtains. it draws attention to the room. little ones bunny or f"avorite" animal may take away from the bedding so show off the window treatments. So next time you see great fabric & possibly dicounted designer "grownup" fabric or treatments... think about it.
I just got an idea from this. How about a closet & doing this? Fun little cocoon like. cozy. no need for closet if you spave for dressers & other BIG fun creative pieces to store your things. could be fun! canopy... ohhh the ideas...
RED. simple. clean. fun. unique artwork? create a new lighting fixture... go trash hunting for found object for your wall. paint a square burlap cloth and mark it with an X in distressed black, hang with chunky bolts.need a little whimsy to the grundge ~ add black ribbon puddleing down the chunky bolts. dressers? think of something diff. just THINK! ; )

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Shell said...

I loved the Little Black dress post. Wonderful pictures.
I adore the columns right next to the bed. The closet turned in a hideaway. Such a great idea. I love nooks. That is a fab nook. You have great and creative design ideas. Thanks for sharing with all of us.