Sunday, October 26, 2008

Roberto Cavalli

Im in Love. I LOVE this shoe. It so reminds me of Chanel. Coco style with a modern twist. Im so that little black dress girl. I always have been. I LOVE fashion. I love it all. Yet I tend to always be "safe" in my little black dress. Not the same one, but many many diff. versions. I TRY to look for other colors yet I always am drawn to that little black dress. I do wear other colors and I LOVE pink. summer time though. but if I found the right one for winter... well if it was perfect like my lucky little black dresses, than perhaps I would get it. I am a solid girl. I wear my "patters in my accessories. not sure why but I have always been like that. I have dresses in "patters" and some are really cute, yet I feel better in my solid color outfits. kinda weird isn't it? Im in no way boring. I like simple. believe me... I do not blend in with wallflowers, and a simple big "ROCK" can do the trick. even if it is "faux"... just the right bling, or lack of can make all the difference. Just like these shoes...To me... this is the right accessorie. The perfect piece to make the outfit. A great bag. Your all set. Im sure there is something like thisout there somewhere, but no Roberto Cavalli's!
My birthday is comming up in Dec. I think this would be a great gift.... but guess what, I have 5 girls & I just do not spend money on shoes like I did when I was younger. I can still be in love with them right?
Bonne Nuit ~
Joelle XO


BeadBag said...

wonderful shoe! problem is - how do we walk in them?
Shirley I.

Joelle said...

Hi Shirley, Thanks for visiting.
I guess you have to be compfortable in HIGH heels first. but I believe since the front is a little wider than alot of pointy high heels.... You have a little more balance. Funny thing is... me being a fashion girl.... Loving everything about fashion.... I hated high heels like these, I would think they looked more "stripperish" with the chunky front. just reminds me of "that look" no matter how expensive. I do not care if Princess Diana wore them...or how much money someone had.. I still thought they looked so similar to"stirpper" shoes, but finding these babies... im caving in. wait... maybe its not so much looking like "stripper" shoes but never seeing anyone walking with such grace. I guess I wasn't looking long enough because im sure there are some great girls who do. After all their making them.
I walk better in high heels than flats. Go figure. : )

Joelle said...

ohhh I have a secret... I do have realy high heels. even HIGH boots!!! heels to kill. wore them to a football game PREGNANT! but i figured hold on to my husband while I walk, from here to there, not along ways... I could do it! YEA I did it, but we had to go down a hill first to get there. WOW. dumb ass.
I did it, no one knew how hard but I looked cool for a sec. back to pregnant & in my little home where no one would see me for awhile.
So I find them & like HIGH heels too. however, knowing some are way high & hard to walk in..... I make a point to be seen once in awhile, but for short outings. Be smart, do not wear them with much walkig involved!
figure out first hadn where you would wear them & enjoy them.
It can work. : )