Sunday, October 26, 2008

Polka Dots & Bunnies

I like the way this piece turned out. It must be pretty Cool if my oldest likes it. She is very picky and has her own style. Right now she is not realy into my "Bebe" style. That is to be expected at that age. They want to distance themselves from anything "too cute" and "too sweet"... yes she likes what I do, but wants a bit of Fashion & Vogue style to her "space". and she even took this piece up in her room. To play with it. See if it could work. Yep.. She liked it! Now I have a few more pieces like this to "create" with. I think a few more Bunnies and then not sure what else I am going to do. Does anyone have any ideas? Colors, style: Shabby chic, fanciful, whimsical, soft cottage charm? what comes to your mind when you look at this piece in a diff. way?
This is a look that many teens like, The Victoria Seceret style. Im glad I encourage my girls to be diff. You can still have the same look but add your own style & pieces to it.I could see my little bunnies working well in that room, couldn't you? Hanging all their bracelets, pearls, necklaces etc...
Folkloric duvet by Ditton Hill Kids on the photo. above.
Just more Pink fun rooms for little ones I thought I would share. Get Creative. Dream.
Bestsey Johnson...... I Love Betsey Johnson and her ability to be a successul business women yet embrace being a girly girl! Fun, Fresh, Girly, Romantic & Pink! I Love It!


Shell said...

I call it I got this from a post from the lollishop blog. Elegant whimsy. (I hope i got the term right) You have the roses and the trim with the pink that's elegant. The whimsy to me is the three bunnies. Hope the input helps.

Cookie Sunshine said...

It's beautiful. I love it.

Joelle said...

Shell & Donna You two always make my day!!! Thank you so much for stopping by!
I wish you two tons of love XOXO & ((((HUGS))))!!!
Donna Give your mom a big kiss & hug from someone who thinks she's beautiful!
Sweet Dreams~
Joelle XO