Sunday, September 14, 2008

Unexpected Find

Ohhhhh I Love this little display. I was looking for a unique lamp with a black shade. I Love this little vingette, black, pink flowers, gold touches.... I would just find a diff. chest for me.A little more European/antique looking , but still painted black. This is what My 11 year old wants believe it or not. Touches of black. I have this whole idea going on in my head and she was so excited but then I have been redoing her sisters room & she has Black accents and berry pink and white and gold and some other yummy goodies Im able to still get in. But I think I could make this work. Im soooo girly girl and still love the sugary shabby chic soft romantic look ~ whites and pinks, & mint but im so loving touches of black lately. Actually I just painted my kitchen table and chairs black ~ still french looking but w/ Italian flair. ~ Old World.
I also moved the WHITE Living room furniture, yea WHITE .... 5 girls and friends and teen boys.... WOW what am I thinking. but SLIPCOVERS are awesome & I know I neeed to calm down with the bleach but it works so well. but im having my White gold and french feel in their "playroom" HA.. and with girly girls and teens... I get my sophisticated look soon but with punches of Vougue & whimsy.
The Living room will be more traditional french ecclectic??? theme just what I like. but need some black shades for some classic style and a bit of a punch and This Lamp will WORK!
Need some Posh mommy romantic touches in there somehow. So off to find some inspiration and try something new. This Mommy of 5 has to not forget about me and make a room that refelcts me and not let them all forget it! ; ) haha
Ohhh and the mirror. I ALWAYS wanted an over sized mirror. Ballard Designs always had some. I need to check them out. but the mirror reminded me.
So what do you all think about the Black? soooo funny comming from me and my Pink girly girl things. but sometimes you have to play. Change is good. can always CHANGE back. ; )
Wait a second..... You know, I did start adding some Black to my designs. and now that I think about it.... I guess I always had a bit of black & white with touch of gold accent to many of my things. Just a bit here and there on a few pieces for some fun. Like you can't get any more fun with crystals and sparkels and pink frou frou??? haha but let me grap a pic. and see what I mean ~
Oh this last one is just waiting for all the trims. and that green wont be seen much, lots more layers for this thing. not sure what I was thinking so I put him on hold. like many things I have here.. I get bored easy and I think I have that "adult ADD" or whatever its called. I NEVER ever stop creating. Even when im way too busy doing other things. Designs just pop in my head and sometimes it gets annoying and visions come flying at me. even clothing to design. I do not sew. but you know.... I was going to go to school for that back then. First NYCFIT & Parsons school of design. I was enrolled at art Institute in Pitt. was going to transfer to La. Live with my aunt in Santa Barbra and commute to La art inst. well this momma's path changed. But its still all here in my little head. Don't we all want to do everything!!! ; )
Kisses & Best Wishes ~ Im a bad girl up this late. uh oh.
Ciao ~
Joelle XO

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