Monday, September 15, 2008

Castles and Dolce Bebe

The Swan Castle ~ Atlanta Georgia.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to create for royalty or those whom lived in wonderful Castles who had only the best over to view your wonderful creations and believed you were THE BEST!
I dream. I once lived in a castle.
Did you ever think "who is your target market?" I know we all want EVERYONE to buy from us but seriously who do you think is your best market? What steps do you take to reach them. I need to think about this one. Long and hard and re-evaluate. I need to think about the materials I use and if I can find them less exspensive elsewhere and realy see how I can bring forth a better product and cut cost and make a profit. It is so hard to do when you create one of a kind and buy things you find & love and want to make a creation out of them. That is not wholesale : that is impulse, gota have it, ohhhh this will be awesome. It is expensive for me but I LOVE the "find" ~ and the ideas. but is it realy practical in the long run or should I just not think about it and just create? hmmmmmmmm just another thing to think about and wonder if there is anyone else like me. ok.... less talking and more pictures, I promise. ; )
Beautiful Castle & Gardens. Wonderful place to Visit. Relax & dream & enjoy it.

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