Monday, September 15, 2008

Alice in Wonderland

I Think Im falling down the hole to adventure. FAST. Im painting, posting, catching up a bit in blog land but I NEED soemone here to get me a camera & hook me up! Like if I say it on here they will magically appear and help me out. Gosh those girls are so busy. Im hiding their cell phones when they sleep. Anyways.... I guess im posting so much right at once becuase i have so many yummy pictures I need to get out even thought some of them are so old or I have post them soewhere else. I just like them and they inspire me and its fun to share, right? : )
Remember when you see pictures and tips that there are so many that haven't seen it yet. So its always good to share when you think of something. Some people are good at sharing, talking, computers etc...and some are just too busy or not intrested in creating a blog as of Yet to share their talent/knowledge etc... So some of us can do it for them. Yes, I may repeat myself, use bad grammer or misspell, but remember im a mommy with 5 girls - 17, 15, 13, 11 & 1 year old. I do not sleep much and im always rushing around so Please forgive me. Im a perfectionist really bad and it so bothers me that someone would judge me on here. this is Blog land. im letting it go and thats a good thing for me. A step. Otherwise I would delete it until I could get it right and that is not the point here. just use what you can from my little blog and get creating, inspired, motivated and MAKE IT HAPPEN!!$$ ; ) Your success challenges me and brings out the best in me. Thank You XO

This is how I feel right now... Alot on my plate. but still doing it all with style and huge imagination. Isn't creating such wonderful therapy?! : )
Yes I am seeing double just like her. Im dizzy, same pictures over & over again. and Yes I have created more since these.. im just bad a getting pictures sometimes when im in a hurry to get something out. If you all knew the drama I have been dealing with since we moved here you would be shocked. Mybe you would then understand soooo until I post a bit more on that crazy drama that happened... bare with me and just think happy, positive thoughts for me. Send them my way.

Thank you & get creating and challenge yourself. Dig deeper! : ) all images courtesy from Vogues online source for yummy inspiration. some photo's of these shots are all over the web, but you can find this photo shoot and all the info. from this link.

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