Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fashion Inspires me

Fashion, musicians, art, interior design, wedding cakes & cupcakes, lingerie, vintage milnery & trims, fabrics, jewels, castles & estates..... ohhhh the wonderful world of Haute Couture in all its forms. Wow has that phrase change since its beginning. We all use it now. I hope the Paris seamstress's (?) do not mind that we borrow it. But don't you love the sound & the feel.

Posting a few more pics. to share from the wonderful world of Flickr via my files. I must learn to write the credits so please bare with me with the ones without any links or info. Im working on it.

LOVE Gwen. She always ever changing and so fun. Gemma is a doll.
top photo courtesy of Vogue Uk 'o5

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