Monday, September 15, 2008

Joelle Dolce Bebe Style

I know many of you have seen these pictures before. However alot of you haven't and I get asked alot to see some of my work. So I guess posting these AGAIN is best however sick some of you may be from seeing them again and your all waiting for new designs. WELL..... Lots of computer hacking going on in our home. I lost many files last year. My computer has been and still maybe hacked from a real jerk! No matter how many times you take your computer in & get firewalls.... A real hacker can do what he wants, mostly if he was someone who knew you & your family and has been in your home, even NOT AUTHORIZED!!!!! sooo changed passwords (his part) and deleted files with pictures, realy makes me upset, sad and tired of taking pictures,
BUT I so promised myself to move forward and start fresh and let others handle the drama.
so Im on a mission for taking new pictures, fresh new designs and hopefully a wonderful line off to some fabulous upscale baby boutiques and decorating shops. However, creating one of a kind is so much more fun, so if anyone ever has an idea or needs something special PLEASE let me know. I love a challenge!
Please bare with me with posting older pictures but check back for new designs and hopefully a new whole approach!

I Love my girls... they are so patient with me. She is holding this little keepsake box to show you the size. I made these several years ago and they are such a sweet gift to give yet add such wonderful charm to a special princess's room. Many of my designs are on little pedestals. I wanted to do something different than everyone elses. I hope you you like them. They also have little sayings, special sentiments & even famous quotes inside. A gift to treasure.

Ciao Bella ~

Joelle XO