Monday, September 15, 2008

Pretty painted pieces

These are some pieces I designed with a charming little girls room in mind.Soft, sweet, a bit of fanciful old world charm. The sweet little hooks would look absolutely adorable with fluffy tutu's displayed on them. Or baby bonnet & gown, hat, straw bag on one side and favorite sweater on other side. Nightie or outfit for the next day... the ideas are endless, ohhhh even bathroom with gorgeous towels or kitchen and posh new apron or purse & keys... just a wonderful way to display and hang your things upon. The big bin wasn't finished painted in this picture at the time I took it. but it a sweet way to contain all your little ones toys, books, stuffed animals or even rolled up baby blankets. I have them in my familyroom, living room, playroom etc.... I do not like clutter or yucky plastic bins all over so painting them to match your style but with some sweet whimsy touches is fun for both of you. or realy girly them up and bring fairy tales to your littles one imagination. The ideas are endless and I love to get creative.
Soon more designs to come.
We have at least 6 cameras here, one stolen and others hmmmm missing cord, loose wire and who knows where they are. MINE needs fixed and I need my daughter to help me with hers and find the cord. We just all get so busy lately, but I NEED to take some pictures today!!!!
I have so many things im working on and I would like to give you a little sneak peak.
I know I like to see what others are working on.
I have some new
little canvas paintings
whimsical boxes
and of course my keepsake boxes
so stay tuned.....
and ideas and advice are always sooo greatly appreciated.
Joelle XO
Ps.. you can click on pictures for larger view ; )

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