Monday, December 8, 2008

Super Easy Reindeer Cookies

These are way too cute & super easy! Just got the recipe from my Sweet Twitter friend JYL http://mommygossip.blogspot/.. she has more yummy treats! I like EASY recipes. With 5 girls & friends, I always have to make at least double everything... cooking, baking.. everything. I do not mind though. I grew up like that. My girls eat well. I guess its the Italian in me. You get Big portions here.
Here's the EASY recipe:
1) Make peanut butter cookie dough. if your a DeNardo.always triple it : )
2) small pretzels, M&Ms, plates, and plastic wrap.
3) Pre-heat oven to 375.
4) Roll head into a small circle shape and place on greased pan.
5) Roll nose into small oblong shape
7) Overlap circle and oblong molded cookie dough at bottom of circle.
8) Press pretzels & M&Ms into dough.
9) Bake 7-9 minutes.
10) Let cool on rack for 15 min.
11) Place on plate and wrap with plastic.
12) Pass out to friends, family, or neighbors to spread holiday cheer.
11) EAT & Enjoy!!!

ohhh... pefect for School parties! Looks festive & is Yummy & simple to do. Just remember to double the recipe so you have MORE to keep at home : ) Enjoy!


Michelle said...

sooo cute!!

Cindy said...

Hi Joelle!

These are just adorable. Will have to make them for my grandkids for Christmas. Thanks so much for sharing!

I love your blog....such elegance!

Renée said...

These look awesome! I think I am going to make them for the cheerleading squad for the holiday! Adorable! I haven't started my baking yet, I will try these out! Thanks : )

xo Renee