Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Party....

ohhh eenie meenie minie moe....What dress to choose? I think I like the top right with the slim line & bow. I didn't set out to find these pics. THEY found ME! Red is wonderful at Christmas. However Classy sexy black & maybe RED rubies & diamonds for the RED Festive color is what im thinking. Im not sure where these are from. Found in a folder im deleting. Thought I'd share before I threw out.
Im sad. Im not going to any BIG party this year & it stinks. It really does. I miss it.
Im changing things around here. Im going somewhere next year. I have some ideas too : )
Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday. Think of Me! XOXO

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Shell said...

I love the same one you picked. It would be so fab in red!! I love red dresses though I don't have one in my closet as of late. Yes, it does suck no party dresses and no big parties to go to yet. Who knows what the rest of the month will bring..