Monday, December 8, 2008

Traditional Baby....

I love Pink. Its so pretty, sweet, & girly. Just a really soothing & soft color.
Too much Pink...or not the right pink, forget it.
I don't like" TOO MUCH "of anything.
I don't like overkill & I do not like a nursery to scream ...."BABY".
Well... let me clarify myself. Baby is great. A time to celebrate. Enjoy the time. however... some people tend to go overboard with typical dept. store baby items. POOH, Mickey Mouse & everything that they can put those trademark charactures on; down to the trash can. THEMED. BABY BABY. Don't settle. There are way too many places to shop now. Online & locally. Support handmade. NOT CHINA. ( or maybe I should say, NOT impoverished countries)
You'll find you could possibly spend less if you didn't do the THEME. Use Pooh for stuffed animal. Mickey & Minnie for toys or Print in a fun frame.If you must have those typical baby items; But find what you already have, or What relatives might pass down to you. Make your nursery or little ones room THEIR own. YOUR style.Not someone elses. Pick your favorite color. That you will enjoy. Show your little one from an early age your style. Find things unexpecting in those colors to decorate the room with. ~ Ok... im getting carried away with this post. Im "branching"... So I will return with more ideas on this subject soon. I just came back to correct a typo. & had to say a bit more. ooops.
I like style, class & sophistication. Believe it or not, with all the shabby things I did back then & the Posh pretty things now and I guess that "shabby chic" style is still out there... im still painting things I guess some would say "shabby chic" The SHABBY is just a bit more Poshed up a bit.... More French or along the classic lines of the softer SWEDISH influences.
Im very Tradional in my own style. Pick anything from VERANDA. You can find my style in there. When I create all my little treasures & talk about all the girly frou frou posh this & thats.... I love it all but not all together, too much. Things stand out more when you have a variety. Not all"princess" themed or not everyting "shabby chic" or just all things cottage. I think you can achieve a more lovely feeling & room of style with adding things you love but not sticking to just one theme. I HATE themes.... I Love what I like. I don't have a paticular style or THEME. Try adding different elements to your room. remove the "overkill" add something traditional, classic, something old, something new, something borrowed something blue. Gosh.... that kinda apply's to decorating. instead of "BLUE" use whatever color it is you love. add a contrasting color for panache, for flair, for fung shui add bit of red. You can make it work. Just try something diff,. Look at the room in a diff. view. How would it look if you added another piece from somewhere else in your home. something un expecting. Just try not too go overboard so it looses its charm & no one sees YOUR style. they just see OH cottage shabby... the same look everyone is doing. STAND APART from everyone else & make it YOUR room, Your STYLE. try it. You don't have to decorate how you think "that theme" is suppose to be. MAKE it YOUR OWN.
Dream with your eyes wide open !


Shell said...

Glad to see you back, Joelle. I missed your insightful and beautiful posts on style. I loved all three posts.
I don't have a headboard. I'm thinking of creating my own like some of the pictures shown.
I hate theme rooms!! People get tied down into what their homes should look like instead of what they really want.
It is true we must dream with our eyes open.

me said...

ohhh DREAM AWAY! I'll help you!
YOU can do it!
Lets make it a OASIS for your pretty little head to drift off into paradise! the ideas are endless.... (((HUGS)))

Renée said...

Great decorating tips! Not that I plan on having a baby anytime soon! But my brother has twins on the way! shhhhhhhh!!!

I will pass this along!

xo Renee