Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Did you ever just get so excited because something made your day brighter? Happier. Just plane old GOOD! Well today, this morning, 5 hours later from signing off last night ~ this bad mommy I am. I was reading my mail and of course the SITS team ~ Heather & Tiffany showcased "The Fun House" and WOW right from the beginning I was delighted. SUCH fun. Color. Giggles and crazy normalcy... you know... craziness~ good & bad, fun, hectic life of a normal mom with 5 kids and the menagerie of animals. haha I so can relate to everything. I just simply adore her CLOWNS!!! The colors, the fun cheeriness of it all!
i Love clowns, they creep me out in REAL life. I'm so sorry clown people. I LOVE your happiness you want to spread around & admire all you sweet Real honest meaningful clowns, but I get way too creep'd out by the scary creepy perverts behind the Innocent clown facade. These jerk ruin it for all the real clowns. The Happy clowns. I even like the creepy scary clowns(in bad movies ..Oh & yea.. I like bad movies.) but no Perverts. No baby eaters. You know the kind. Just BAD CLOWNS!

CLOWNS. funny. My mother is mortified of clowns. Terrified. My naughty girls and I were going to send some clowns we found online & email them to her....they were not nice clowns. but we decided it wasn't nice. but we were really thinking about it. but we didn't. we called & told her though. I do not know what happened to her with clowns or what the significance is.. but she hates clowns & I can understand why from some of the bad things we see on movies but Clowns in most part are HAPPY people spreading good cheer. People with a good heart & soul trying to make others happy. WHY do bad people like ruin things? Anyways... that didn't stop me from making a little Jack in the Box ~ ala JOE in the Box, My style ; )
I Love him mom. But I hate that he might creep you out. Ohhh and out of all the pretty pink things I do, I never got much praise about anything I have done until I did this piece. My grandfather thought it was an antique that I got. He LOVED it. ohh he went on about it and let me tell you... It ment the world to me. My grandparents have class & style and are total shoppers from all over. He made my day.! Big Time!

Now, this guy.... No. He is creepy. but funny thing is... I LOVE IT! I would LOVE to create something scary dark & creepy. but not for children. Just to get creative. If anyone wants to make me get creative... Go ahead! Make my day! $$$$$$$$


Pnk Geeni said...

just keep that clown away from me!

Joelle said...

haha chicken!
Thanks love for stopping by. that was kind. now where is the other TWITTERS! Darn it all!
im not getting much love from twitter, maybe a waste for me, whats a girl to do?????

Shell said...

Your Jack in the box is cute. I love clowns. One of my best friends gets freaked out by clowns like your mom does.

I have a confession. I know your going to laugh. Nutcrackers freak me out. With the holidays coming up, they start popping up all over the place. I shudder thinking about them. Those big teeth are scary.

Kellan said...

It is funny how some clowns are creepy, but I have always loved clowns - I think it is the colors ofthe costumes and faces and hair.

Have a good day - Kellan

Joelle said...

Thanks shell & Kellan ~ Two wonderful people that have HUGE smiles & make people happy as well! ; )
funny about the nutcrackers... my grandmother collects them from all over & she starts bringing them out... Now I'll be looking at them thinking of you! ; )

Renee's Reproductions said...

I hate clowns!! Your Jack in the box is cute : )
xo Renee