Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NOW is not the time to Put your head in the Salad bowl...

Oh my. Did you ever stop to hear yourself say something so stupid?
Well, I know I must say stupid things quite often. I have 5 daughters. They are all 2 years apart. Except the last Princess, she is 10 years later. I do not get much sleep, I never stop working on Creating something for someone and since I have a large family & they keep me busy and I stay up way late than most humans.... & im just silly I guess. I say DUMB things!!
Well, I, Like right now. I am always rushing. I should be in the car going to get my girls. My 2 year old that I just cleaned up to get ready to go into the car (whom ALWAYS has to take her clothes OFF! ALWAYS!!!) just put her head in my salad bowl. I guess licking the last bit of whatever was in there. NICE!
I heard myself say "NOW is not the time to Put your head in the salad bowl!"
OK... than when is?