Friday, July 3, 2009

Palm Beach ~

I just found this picture of my 4th princess., here on my Flickr.(i'm trying out this blof grom Flickr thingy to see how it looks)

I LOVE her. She is as sweet as she looks in this picture & more!!!
She is a busy little one... her baby sister misses her. She has been away all week.
I miss her too. She always makes me feel so special. I guess when you become Busy teens & drive... You forget about mom. This sweet one makes sure im not forgotten.
I miss you sweets!!! I hope your having fun. I know you girls are reading this. So be careful, Have fun & call me.
nighty night. Bonne Nuit ~
I Love you,
Mommy XOXOXOXO (your baby sis misses you too)